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// Bobcats v. Heat Pre-Game Thoughts//

This is the battle of 2 undefeated’s. No really it is. The Bobcats are 1-0 after a win on opening night against Milwaukee, while the Heat are 2-0 after demolishing the Mavericks on Christmas Day and beating the Celtics last night in Miami. Honestly the Heat look fantastic. I’m no fan of their’s but even I will admit they look like the team to beat right now. Their defense is so fast and physical due to their athleticism, and the offense they are running this year allows for them to be very free flowing. Those 2 things coupled together can lead to a lot of easy buckets in transition after forcing turnover’s. 

With that said, this will obviously be a very tough game for the Young ‘Cats tonight. Expect to see some zone defense from Charlotte, but I actually think we have some players who can match up well with Miami’s stars. The size and strength of Corey Maggette can help to hopefully slow down LeBron James, while Gerald Henderson can most definitely defend Dwyane Wade. Outside of those 2 matchups I really think the Bobcats shouldn’t have any real problem’s defending the rest of the Miami roster.

DJ Augustin and Mario Chalmers equal each other out with DJ probably having the slight advantage because of his quickness even with a bum ankle(Injured on Monday). Look for DJ to shoot better from long range after struggling from there on Monday.

Tyrus Thomas should be back tonight and will have no issue defending Chris Bosh if he stays under control. Make Bosh take contested jumpers even though he can hit them. If he can’t get and easy lay ins or knock down a jumper or two he will likely get frustrated. 

Boris Diaw will have a good night in the post if he’s self motivated. Miami has virtually no size and Boris definitely has the quickness and basketball smarts to beat anyone Miami trots out on the floor to play center. 

But the match up I am super excited to see tonight?…Kemba Walker v. Norris Cole. These 2 rookies both have impressed their respective squads after the first few nights of the season. Last night Norris scored 20 points, including 14 in the fourth quarter against Boston. If the Bobcats want to beat Miami they will need a performance similar to that from Kemba. These 2 will probably see lots of time defending each other as they will both be the likely first guards off the bench. My advantage goes to Kemba Walker just because I think he is better overall and he has had a few days rest. Norris Cole is really a question mark as far as consistency and he also played last night. He may have some tired rookie legs already. But regardless, look out for him tonight as he could make some big plays. 


CHARLOTTE: Augustin/Henderson/Maggette/Thomas/Diaw

MIAMI: Chalmers/Wade/James/Bosh/Anthony

Should be a good one tonight in a packed Time Warner Cable Arena! Congrats if you have tickets, the prices were quite steep when I checked them out yesterday. Go Bobcats! 

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// Derrick Brown Returns to Charlotte; Signs 1 Year deal//

VIA TWITTER: “: Derrick Brown signs a 1-year minimum deal with Charlotte Bobcats, source tells .” 

Welcome back to Charlotte, UPS! 

Derrick Brown was waived by the Bobcats last season when roster spots had to be cleared in order to make the Gerald Wallace-Blazers trade happen. He was picked up by the Knicks but never really got a chance to play. Well, he didn’t really get a chance to play here either. But UPS(That’s his fan-given nicknamed…his last name is Brown….get it?) can definitely ball. He’s really good on the fastbreak and is known to throw down the alley if someone dishes it up there. Silas will love this guy because he brings a positive attitude as well as a big body who can run the floor in the new up tempo offense. Look for Brown to play the 3 this season.

Dante Cunningham will not be returning to the Bobcats. Brown will likely take on Cunningham’s role from the end of last year as one of the first guys off the bench.

ALSO: Bobcats need to acquire some sort of shooter. No disrespect to Matt Carroll but he simply is not good enough to be the backup 2 for a whole year. 

// CP3 Traded? Nope.//

Well you pretty much had to have been under a rock to not hear about all the Chris Paul to the Lakers talk that was going on today, but I will summarize it all for you anyway. I might have some readers that are actually under a rock…but then again they are on the internet so I’m sure they….nevermind. Off topic. Wow. Okay, what a start. On to the Chris Paul talk.
So the CP3 trade rumors have been swirling around for a while now. Some had him going to Golden State, Boston, and even the Los Angeles Griffin’s. But today it was reported that a 3 way deal was near completion that would send Chris Paul to the Lakers, Pau Gasol to the Rockets, and Lamar Odom/Kevin Martin/Luis Scola to the Hornets. That came as quite the surprise to me. I definitely did not expect any details like that to be revealed anytime soon. But they were.
About 2 hours later, the great @WojYahooNBA tweeted that the deal was basically done, and it was all agreed to in principle. No deal could be official until tomorrow, so we would have assumed the deal would be completely done by 2:00 pm tomorrow when deals can actually happen. Everyone began celebrating, except for the Celtics fans who began crying. Lakers fans organized parades to celebrate the exit of Khloe Kardashian…you know, the whole sha-bang. Then when all the analysts were arguing whether it was a good deal or not…@WojYahooNBA sent out another tweet. This one turned the world on its head.
It quickly spread throughout the web that the NBA has called off the trade. Which is funny because the NBA owns the Hornets and definitely knew about these discussions all through the process. So what happened? Jealousy. When the other NBA owners found out that the rich were getting richer with another superstar, they demanded that Stern nix the trade. Chis Paul’s tweet explained everyone’s thoughts perfectly: “WoW”.
This nixing of a trade is a huge load of crap. Sure, the new CBA was supposed to help create a new, more equal league where small market teams can compete…but the CBA had nothing to do with this deal. LA was giving up 2 of their best players, leaving a big hole at the 4, to acquire 1 elite PG. This was no Kwame Brown for Pau Gasol trade. IT WAS TECHNICALLY FAIR. Personally I don’t like the deal for New Orleans or Houston. It really wasn’t a great trade for LA either. But the teams did agree to it. Everything was ready to go. How can you possibly cancel a trade just because owners get jealous?
Supposedly the reason for the nix was “basketball reasons”. Please tell me what in the heck that means. I am completely dumbfounded by this whole situation and have never seen anything like it.

Some other important stuff:
-Chris Paul has now contacted Billy Hunter to explore legal options. We all know Billy Hunter does nothing but cause problems so this will only get uglier if they officially for sure cancel the trade.
-Via @WojYahooNBA: “To listen to the GM’s, coaches, players, agents reaching out to me tonight: I think the NBA has changed forever with Stern’s act tonight.”

Couple last thoughts:
Basically this means CP3 can’t be traded this year. I guarantee if the trade had Paul coming to Charlotte instead of LA the owners would not have vetoed. The owners we’re not thinking for the league or the Hornets specifically…they we’re thinking for themselves. They didn’t want to have to face another mega duo-team. And because the league owns the Hornets, the owners had an excuse to flip out and ruin the trade. They tried to act like it was being forced by the league. Okay, whatever. Lakers actually get weaker while acquiring a superstar, but it was totally a fixed trade! NOT. Now New Orleans will lose Paul in free agency when he can sign anywhere he wants… which is probably New York where he will team up with Amare and Melo. Way to go David Stern and NBA Owners. You really screwed up.

Oh and the Bobcats had interest in Mike Dunleavy, but he signed with Milwaukee. Cats are also interested in Al Thornton. We’ll see what happens tomorrow, should be fun.

// "Orange Spacesuits" is back. NBA Season…lets go.//

Alright so I never really got this blog off its feet last year. But I have way too many thoughts to put in 140 character blurbs, so this blog is back. Expect lot’s of opinion’s and way too many thoughts to handle. Followers beware.

// Welcome to OrangeSpacesuits! //

Yeah, OrangeSpacesuits is the name of the blog.

If your a new Bobcats fan, you may not understand the name but I’ll explain. For the first few years of the Cats existence, we had shiny-bright and orange uniforms that I liked to call the spacesuits. Sean May, however, looked more like an orange planet:

The Orange Planet

Thank god those days are over, but the Bobcats still are very entertaining…..Now because of the players and not the uniforms….. or the BET owner, or the C-SET channel he created, or Sean May….you get the point.

Also, I want to give a big shout out to the best Bobcats fan sites on the web. is the best it gets when it comes to Bobcats blogging, fan chat(especially on draft night!…), and everything else. I have been a member there since the very beginning as “Ammofan”(I’m a legend I know).

Other great Bobcats sites to check out; RufusOnFire(The Cardboard Gerald Wallace has taken over the site and it may now become soggy if DJ Augustin starts RAINING threes too close to the site…you know because he may make it CardboardRufusOnFire…..nevermind bad joke.) and TradeStreetPost.

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Obssesed with NBA Basketball. Excuse me as I blog, I cant fit all of my thoughts into Tweets. Go Bobcats. We wear orange spacesuits around here.